Chris Riggs: Love and Peace For All

The Love Paintings, 72 x40″, 2015

This past year Chris Riggs went on a world Peace and Love art tour in order to help make the world a better place. He painted murals in NYC, Russia, Italy, Greece, South Korea, Miami, and France. His motto is Peace and Love is the only solution.  Chris Riggs believes love and peace always wins. Using spray and acrylic paint, he created 15 murals and art objects that drove people’s attention and press from around the world. First he painted a colorful Peace and Love mural in Korea at the head corporate office building of The Korea Herald newspaper and media company. He painted a few Love and Peace walls in Brooklyn which became a cool place for New Yorkers. Hollywood actress and singer Jennifer Lopez filmed a movie Chris Riggs mural in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Miami Love and Peace murals located around the Wynwood Art District. Moscow Perfume museum also invited Chris to paint a Peace and Love mural both in Russian and English. The biggest a 40 foot by 45 foot mural in both languages Chris made in Roshal Russia with the mayors support and Russian government. Riggs spent 6 days and 51 hours painting the biggest mural in his career. He also beautified an automobile at the hottest art spot in Moscow Flacon-Zavod. Then, Chris made 2 murals with Athens Street Art festival writing Peace, Love and Freedom words in Greek and English on school’s walls in Athens. Next, Chris with mostly red and white colors painted Love and Peace in English and Italian in Florence, Italy. According to the biggest newspaper in France Le Parisien, Chris Riggs and his wife Kristina Riggs came to Paris to make Peace and Love murals in French and English. Last but not least a art object was created on a World War II bunker at the Cap Ferret by the Atlantic Ocean in South France. This is very symbolic to paint Love and Peace on this historic bunker because a lot of the Planet is at war right now, commented Chris Riggs. We should stop wasting so much time and money on wars, and build schools instead. We as humans could be traveling the universe together right now instead of fighting with each other on this small planet in the middle of the galaxy. Make love not war.


The Art Work with Shoes, 24 x 24″, 2015

The Chanel Bag with Gold Spray Cans, 14 x 12″, 2015