Ralph Paquin

Meaningful Play: Genes & Chromosomes

Expose Art Magazine (August 2015)


I mercilessly play with what I have been programmed to create.

My perception of the “human condition” is constantly evolving and is currently centered on the nano science of genetics; in that, genetics holds the ability to explain the relationships among organic entities, the encrypted definition of what it means to be human, our origins, and our continual evolution.

Essential form and craftsmanship are also fundamental to my artworks. I continually experiment with a wide variety of media; the significance of medium and scale is purposeful and important. Each sculpture in this series is made from cold casting processes using a combination of polished polymers, foams, steel and lacquers.

My most recent body of work, “Genes & Chromosomes”, includes sculptures and works on paper. Organomorphic
shapes are made into essentialist forms that give rise to deeper metaphysical meanings. Secondary concepts lie beneath the surface stemming from a cocktail of multifaceted interests in art, philosophy, history, politics, religion, astronomy, and technology; they are shaken, poured, and iced down through my own personal absurdities, dreams, and metaphors.

Ralph Paquin

Muscle Knot, Conte on Cast Polymer Media, Lacquer

Ralph Paquin

Brancusi’s Gene, Polished gypsum ploymer media

Ralph Paquin

Morpheus,Conte on Cast Polymer Media. Lacquer


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